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Wells Vietnam

To protect the rights and give customers peace of mind, Wells Vietnam applies a genuine warranty policy for all products, details as follows:

1. Genuine warranty regulations for Wells Vietnam products:

ARTICLE 1: Wells products will be warranted for free according to Wells Vietnam’s genuine warranty policy. ARTICLE 2: Wells product warranty period:
  • Water purifier (including control faucet & body): 24 months.
  • Air purifier: 24 months for electrical components.
ARTICLE 3: When performing warranty, you need to provide Warranty Card. ARTICLE 4: Cases that will not be covered by the warranty:
  • Case 1: Problems from not using the machine according to the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the machine and not using it according to instructions, recommendations, and instructions for use of the technical team installing the machine.
  • Case 2: Malfunction, damage due to natural disasters (earthquake, fire, lightning or flood…).
  • Case 3: Dropping, falling… the device.
  • Case 4: Using inappropriate and unstable voltage for the machine.
  • Case 5: Arbitrarily repairing or changing the machine’s structure and default structure.
  • Case 6: Physical damage due to arbitrary installation and transportation of the machine.
ARTICLE 5: 1-for-1 warranty in the first year when the machine is defective or damaged by the manufacturer. 1 for 1 warranty product is a completely new product, no repairs. Products damaged due to customer error according to ARTICLE 4 will not be covered by a 1 for 1 exchange warranty.

2. Warranty period

2.1. Wells water purifier warranty period

  • Warranty period for Wells The One water purifier is 24 months, applicable to control faucet and machine body.
  • Warranty period for Wells True Tankless water purifier is 24 months.

2.2. Wells air purifier warranty period


Warranty period

(electrical components)

Wells Interior AL106 24 months
Wells Jet Blue AL315AWA 24 months
Wells Tornado 24 months
If you have any questions, please contact Hotline 0909 102 203 for detailed answers.
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