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Wellness and Design

Wells premium home and lifestyle appliances are focused on giving you the best quality of life. Discover the convergence of wellness and design through the best water dispenser innovated with Korean technology. Wells products are designed and manufactured in Korea using top-grade materials to develop elegant and stylish home appliances. Bestowed with numerous awards, Wells continuously strives to create innovative products to inspire true wellness.  

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Globally Recognised Design Style

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Beauty Queen Entrepreneur turned - Giang My

Giang My was “thrilled” with Wells The One right away. This hot and cold water purifier is perfect in every feature and elegant in every design line, truly tailor-made for Giang My’s needs.

Pageant Queen and Businesswoman - Ngoc Diem

One of the things that makes Diem’s life more complete is owning a Wells The One Pink Signature hot and cold water purifier. This is the only limited edition in Vietnam with a super pretty pink color that is not at all cheesy. The baby is only about 2 hands long but has up to 6 full hot and cold heat levels, 3 super convenient capacity options. Diem cannot criticize this device in any way.

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Korea's Number 1 supper star - Lee Young Ae

Wells The One is a high-end water purifier that is known for its innovative technology and sleek design. It is trusted by millions of people around the world, including Korean actress Lee Young Ae. Wells The One is more than just a water purifier; it is a source of health and a trendy lifestyle.

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