A Truly Tankless Water Purifier

Wells tt

  • Convenient hot & cold water temperature control
  • Truly slim footprint at just 19cm-wide
  • Direct dispensing technology
  • Child safety lock protection

Keep your Water Purifier truly clean

Truly slim and elegant design at just 19cm wide

Patented direct-dispenser type water cooling technology TrueTankless Upgrade! Safety LED lighting that makes the dispense easy to use

Easy to use One-touch LED lighting

3 Step-temperature control for instant hot water

Truly smart Water Purifier

Removes 7 types of heavy metals,
35 different types of harmful microorganisms

8 inch filter that delivers the perfect purifying performance

Sanitary faucet and one-touch LED lighting

Increases convenience of use

Adjustable instant hot water control

Literally smart water purifier

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