Wells launches ‘Wells the One,’ the only “system” water purifier in the world

“First water purifier in Korea to feature an independent water dispensing device and purifying device. Includes hot water and cold water dispensing options”


Kyowon Wells launches ‘Wells the One,’ the only “system” water purifier in the world


– The only “system” water purifier in Korea with a separate water dispensing device and purifying device, and hot water/cold water dispensing capabilities


– Requires only the water bottle-sized (8cm in diameter) water dispensing unit to be exposed, which improves spatial utility and delivers a new user experience


– A new type of water purifier that boosts user convenience – the first water purifier to feature a ‘wheel touch display,

’ 180o rotating faucet, passive infrared sensor


– First in the industry to use a medical grade ‘bio water piping system’… Dual-cooling water piping system, 9-step filter system also maximizes hygiene.



Environmental appliance brand Kyowon Wells is launching ‘Wells The One,’ the first “system” water purifier in Korea.


‘Wells The One’ will be the only system water purifier available on the domestic market with a detachable water dispensing unit and main filtering unit with the water purifying system, as well as the capacity to dispense hot water and cold water.

It will also offer a new user experience and lifestyle thanks to water dispensing and water purifying units that can be detached from the purifier device itself.

By moving away from the typical fixed layout of conventional kitchen arrangements and offering a new user environment for water purifiers,

the ‘Wells The One’ maximizes convenience and spatial utility that helps minimize the inconvenience consumers experienced with existing water purifier units.


‘Wells The One’ only requires the water dispensing part to be exposed, and the water bottle-sized dispensing unit at just 8.8cm in diameter reduces its spatial requirements drastically.

The main filtering unit featuring purifying filters, motors, etc.

can be installed inside the kitchen sink, on island-type dining tables, and other kitchen furniture items to improve spatial utility and add versatility to the kitchen environment.

By reducing the space required by existing water purifier devices and minimizing unnecessary spaces, ‘Wells The One’ helps you keep your kitchen more spacious. The purifier has little to no restrictions with regards to its installation location.

Thus, you can install it anywhere, including near your sink, island-type dining tables, and other kitchen furniture items. Its small form factor and premium design blends in well with other kitchen interior items to create a high-end feel to your kitchen.


‘Wells The One’ offers more than just a convenient user experience. It also delivers outstanding performance.

It is the first water purifier in Korea to feature a ‘wheel touch display.

’ Thanks to its wheel touch capability, you can select the temperature and volume of dispensed water with a single touch of your finger. You no longer have to touch several buttons at a time to control the temperature or volume of water you need.

The faucet part of the purifier also has a ‘180o spin function.

’ This means that you can use ‘Wells The One’ more conveniently by rotating the faucet in any direction depending on the size or your cup, purpose of using the purifier, and the space it is installed in.

Moreover, the ‘Passive Infrared Sensor’ helps the device detect your presence, disengage sleep mode, and turn on the display.

This concept that maximizes user convenience is a whole new idea for water purifiers.


‘Wells The One’ is a direct-dispenser type water purifier with a ‘dual-cooling water piping system’ and a ‘9-step filter system’ developed in-house at Wells exclusively.

Instead of having a cooling tank, it uses a ‘dual-cooling water piping system’ technology to eliminate any concerns over bacteria and continues to dispense cold water.

Even if you dispense large volumes of cold water rapidly, you can enjoy cold water at a constant temperature.

Meanwhile, the ‘9-step filter system’ features an 8 inch large capacity filter that eliminates eight different types of heavy metals, the most number of contaminants filtered in Korea among direct-dispenser type water purifiers.

With eco-friendly materials, it completely eliminates eight heavy metal types including mercury, lead, and arsenic as well as other harmful contaminants such as residual organic compounds, suspended solids, etc. in tap water. Moreover, despite the fact that it completely removes contaminants and bacteria, it increases the content of minerals that are beneficial to your body. Ultimately, it improves the healthiness and taste of water at the same time.


‘Wells The One’ is also unique in that it is the first device in Korea to use ‘bio water pipes’ that improves hygiene for the pipes water travel through. ‘Bio water pipes’ use special materials used for medical (surgical) purposes, and they prevent any buildup of foreign substances on the surface.


‘Wells The One’ has an exclusive filter system for its cock as well, which keeps the water clean until the very last moment.

The anti-bacterial ‘H+ Cock Filter’ filters the water one last time right before it is dispensed. Apart from these features, the ‘Wells The One’ uses its “Right Sterilizing System” which sterilizes the device automatically every three days depending on your usage pattern to prevent any breeding of bacteria.

The harmless electrolysis sterilized water passes through the entire piping system inside the purifier to sterilize the device.

If you do not use the purifier for two or more days, ‘Wells The One’ automatically discharges water from its pipes to ensure no bacteria or contaminants remain in the system.


An official with Kyowon Wells said, “We launched ‘Wells The One’ to do more than just make our water purifiers smaller.

We wanted to offer a new user environment, so we developed a purifier that has independent water dispensing and purifying units.

As the only “system” water purifier in Korea, ‘Wells The One’ produces the healthy and clean water Wells always looks for.

It also enables consumers to use their kitchen environment in a more versatile way, which is expected to provide opportunities for a new lifestyle and user experience.”



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