A Clutter-free kitchen space with

Wells Mini Water Purifier

Mini size & 3 type faucet positions

Install it wherever you want

Direct-Piping clean water full of minerals

Removal of harmful substances, rich in mineral

No electricity required

Zero electricity bill even after 24/7 use

Hassle-Free convenience

Easy setup and maintenance

Experience the new Mini water purifier

designed to suit your lifestyle

Say goodbye to clutter,
Enjoy healthy water in a tidy kitchen

Maximise your countertop space by using Mini and its 3 different faucet positions

All you need is space for a single book or coffee cup

Direct-piping water purifier that removes harmful substances while allowing essential minerals to remain

Experience delicious water that is not only clean but smooth down the throat

Zero electricity necessary. Install it anywhere without worrying about bills!

Use it 24/7 without the burden of electricity bills. Free from power outlets

Easy to manage and more convenient to use

With intuitive usage and easy self-care, always have access to clean and healthy water

Mini's 3 different faucet positions were
designed to fit your kitchen space

Flexible faucet positions open up,
free countertop space

Place WELLS Mini Water Purifiter anywhere you want

The Details of WELLS Mini Water Purifier
for more space

3-way adjustable faucet

Allows you to customise the faucet position to the left, right, or center

180° rotation tray

to fit 3 different faucet position

A prop-like modern look

WELLS Mini Water Purifier seamlessly blending in the kitchen

Removal of harmful substances while rich in minerals

Direct-piping water purifier
discharging right way

Is purification capacity is the only key factor to filters?

Have you checked if your purified water
contains beneficial minerals?

Experience water with
clean and smooth taste

The secret of WELLS direct water purifier's excellent water taste?


Direct-piping water purifier
discharging right way

Direct-piping water purifier free from power supply

Install it anywhere without
worrying about your electricity bills

Convenient usage

with easy maintenance

Self filter replcement that anyone can do in 5 minutes

Replace filters effortlessly with a cover
that opens easily and filters that pop in and out

Simple dial-type control

Easy way to control tye water volume

Replaceable Faucet Tip

Change your tip every 12 months to keep hygien

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