Payment Policy of Wells Vietnam

Wells Vietnam

Currently, Wells Vietnam applies two payment methods for customers to easily choose:

1. Payment by cash on delivery (COD)

Once you complete the goods inspection and receive the payment invoice, you are responsible for paying the entire order value to the delivery staff or staff. our sales and customer service staff. You pay the exact amount stated on the invoice. If you have any questions, please call us immediately to receive detailed and specific information. more.

2. Pay online via bank

Wells Vietnam is currently applying online payment or via POS machine, 0% installment payment, or bank transfer if you order.Wells Vietnam will immediately confirm for you when the money has been transferred to our account. In some specific situations, you can ask the bank where you made the transaction or our bank to use it for cross-checking when necessary.We will not be responsible for errors arising during the transfer process or transferring incorrect information. For any errors, please work directly with the bank to have them resolved. If you have any questions about Wells Vietnam’s payment policy, please contact the hotline for the fastest and most specific answers!
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