Is it a designer furniture piece or an air purifier? It’s a designer air purifier

“Is it a designer furniture piece or an air purifier? It’s a designer air purifier”


Kyowon Wells launches ultra-compact Wells air purifier equipped with powerful performance and sophisticated design


– Compact and slim form factor, minimalistic design makes it the perfect air purifier for studies, bedrooms, or single person households


– 58% smaller than similar capacity air purifiers, features the Wells’ “New Purifying Technology” to deliver best-in-class air purifying performance


– Uses “seasonal specialized filters” typically found in premium models… Offers customized filter replacement and management services for each season





Wells – the comprehensive well-being and health appliances brand by Kyowon Group – launching a new ultra-compacts “Wells Air Purifier (Model Name: AL106)” with powerful air cleaning performance and beautiful design despite its small exterior.


Capable of cleaning up to 24.7㎡ (7.4 pyeong), this ultra-compact and slim air purifier performs best as a second air purifier for bedrooms, studies, or single person households. Design-wise, AL106 features a sophisticated fabric pattern design, which helps it blend in perfectly with any type of interior environment. Also, AL106 is a versatile product available as a stand-alone unit or wall-mounted unit.


The ultra-compact AL106 has a form factor that is approximately 58% smaller than other CA-certified (by the Korea Air Cleaning Research Association) air purifiers with similar performance levels. Despite its small size, AL106 still delivers powerful air purifying performance. In particular, AL106 uses Kyowon Wells’ “New Purifying Technology” to collect dust and clean the air more effectively than rival products. The New Purifying Technology minimizes aero resistance when the AL106 sucks in contaminated air, which helps it take in larger volume of air. Once the air passes through its filter system AL106 discharges clean air quickly. That is why AL106 can eliminate dust and contaminants floating around in indoor environments more quickly and efficiently even when users turn choose to turn it on in short intervals.


Users can also take care of the air depending on the season. AL106 features “seasonal specialized filters,” which were originally inserted in Kyowon’s premium range of air purifier products, to make sure it’s air purifying performance remains perfectly tailored to each season. The seasonal specialized filters (one filter type available for each season) targets specific contaminants that can be detected in highly concentrated doses during each particular season. In spring, when the air is often contaminated with fine dust, Kyowon uses ultra-fine dust filters, while, in summer, when sweat and mold become more of a problem. Kyowon inserts reinforced deodorizing filters designed specifically for the summer season into AL106. In autumn, when the air is polluted with even more pollen than spring, Kyowon replaces the filters with hypoallergenic filters, and in winter, when the cold weather makes ventilation a hassle, Kyowon uses reinforced deodorizing filters designed specifically for the winter season.


AL106 can be extremely quiet thanks to its “Quiet Study Mode” that keeps noise below 30dB (similar to the noise limit for a library). This makes it the perfect air purifier for studies or personal libraries.


One Kyowon Wells official stated, “An increasing number of customers are buying smaller capacity air purifiers to improve the air quality not only in their living rooms, but also other rooms like bedrooms and studies. That’s why we decided to launch the ultra-compact AL106 air purifier that is much smaller but more powerful than other products. It delivers great performance, it is small, and it comes in a sophisticated design. That makes the AL106 the perfect air purifier to satisfy even the most design-conscious consumers.”


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