Wells launches customizable air purifier “Wells Jet Blue”

“Wells offers customized air purification solution, adjustable to fit different indoor environments and different seasons”

Kyowon Wells launches customizable air purifier “Wells Jet Blue”


– New product features ‘Jet Blue 99% Air Circulation’ function that enables the user to select four different modes, depending on the daily living patterns and air quality at each home

-‘Specialized filters,’ developed to suit the characteristics of each season, take thorough care of air that shifts minutely in different seasons

-Product also features ‘Laser PM 1.0 Sensor’ that detects fine dust with precision…measures air quality in real time

Kyowon Wells, a leading brand for environmental appliances, is launching the ‘Wells jet Blue’ air purifier, which uses different air purification functions and filters depending on the indoor environment and season to deliver the optimal air purification performance.


Consumers can use four different custom modes available on ‘Wells Jet Blue’ to purify the air up to 99%. Also, the ‘jet blue 99% air circulation’ function enables users to control the area they wish to purify and select the circulation method. This helps users use Wells Jet Blue to fit their living patterns and indoor environments. ▲Jet circulation purifies the air up to 7m away, which is great when cooking in the kitchen. ▲Multi circulation discharges purified air from the top and on both sides of Jet Blue’s top section, and it purifies the air that is closest to the device, which is perfect when children are playing inside the house.


▲Standard circulation takes care of air across a large area, which is good when using in areas where the entire family spend time together. ▲Turbo circulation alternates the device from jet-standard-multi sequentially to circulate purified air across the entire house as quickly as possible, which makes it effective when purifying the air while cleaning or on days with high levels of fine dust.


Users can also take care of the air depending on the season. ‘Wells Jet Blue’ uses ‘specialized filters’ developed in consideration of different seasonal characteristics and offers customized maintenance services for filters. In spring (high levels of fine dust), Jet Blue uses an ▲Ultra-fine dust filter. In summer (sweat and risk of mold), it uses a ▲Summer reinforced deodorization filter. In autumn (even more pollen than spring), it uses an ▲Allergy filter. In winter (difficulty with ventilation), it uses a ▲Winter reinforced deodorization filter. Kyowon offers customized maintenance services to replace the filters. The specialized filters take thorough care of minute changes in air quality across different seasons to help maintain optimum levels of air purification performance all year long.


‘Wells Jet Blue’ not only delivers excellent air purification performance, but it also offers outstanding fine dust detection capabilities. To detect precise levels of fine dust, the device uses a professional-grade ‘Laser PM 1.0 Sensor’ used in expert measuring equipment. Jet Blue uses the laser light source to catch ultra-fine particles up to 0.1 micrometer (㎛) in diameter in real-time and measure the indoor air quality with great accuracy. Any dust detected in the air can be removed quickly by more than 99% using the ‘Jet Blue 99 air circulation function.’ Also, the device features an odor sensor which measures the concentration of harmful gases from cooking and daily gases to improve the efficiency at which it purifies the air.


An official at Kyowon Wells stated, “The newly launched ‘Wells Jet Blue’ can eliminate any concerns over indoor air contamination from not only external factors such as fine dust, but also internal factors such as indoor family activities. Users can select different modes depending on their living patterns or indoor environments, and receive specialized maintenance services tailored to different seasons, which helps keep air purification benefits at optimum levels for each home.”


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